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Machine Fabricated Parts and Assemblies.

We have the ability to provide close tolerance machining and manufacturing. | details


Advanced Precision Engineering was founded in 2006 and is a privately held company located in Pomona, California. Originally the company was established as a machine shop specializing in the production of metal and plastic components for the Aerospace, Aircraft and Defence Industry.

Advanced Precision Engineering has moved to larger location (5,000 sq ft) in Riverside, Ca as of 2010.

Today Advanced Precision Engineering is a world-class provider of precision-machined parts to a broad range of companies and industries. Over the years, Advance Precision Engineering has worked with many of the world’s major manufacturers and systems integrators as a second and third tier supplier supporting requirements from Aerospace to Automotive.

Strategically Focused

After years of Growth, Capital Expenditures, and Experience serving a broad range of industries we have refined our focus to address 3 distinct industries: AircraftAerospace and Medical. Realizing that we cannot be everything to everybody, we spent 2007 researching, developing, and refining our strategic focus. After our yearlong project was complete we ended up with a new approach based on existing capital, capability, and market potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leader in providing world-class manufacturing solutions, based around our core competencies in precision machining to the Aircraft, Aerospace, and Medical industries. Working collectively with our supply chain partners, we are able to provide complete, cost-effective, high quality solutions to fulfill our customers' short and long-term manufacturing goals. By embracing total quality management, and developing competent, highly trained, and motivated employees we will achieve a strategically planned growth that mutually benefits our customers, employees and company.

Commitment to Quality

Our staff is fully committed to a total quality management and continuous improvement philosophy. It begins with the careful review of project specifications and the exhaustive inspection of first article components, and continues to the ongoing evaluation of finished product. Recognizing the importance of a certified quality system.

Commitment to On-time Delivery

If we can’t get you your parts on time within the agreed to timeframe, then what’s the point in taking the order? We believe in being honest up front, rather than take an order we cannot complete in the allotted timeframe. We recognize the importance of delivery and how we could affect the timely completion of your projects. Therefore, we conduct weekly Production meetings to review our backlog looking out 2 weeks at a time, in an effort to uncover potential issues that can jeopardize our on-time performance. This performance is tracked and charted.

Customer Satisfaction

A commit not a myth here at Advanced Precision Engineering. You’ve heard the phrase, “The customer is always right.” We strive to uphold this truth. Having a strong customer focus is crucial in developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. As a trusted source of supply, we become an extension of your company. Therefore, we rely heavily upon your overall satisfaction in terms of service, quality, delivery, quote turnaround and fair pricing.

Some of our efforts to assure total customer satisfaction include:

Tracking our on-time delivery performance. We understand the importance of timely delivery and how we can impact the completion of your projects. Each week we hold a Production meeting to discuss our performance.

Customer surveys. Periodically we will mail out a short survey, which asks you to rate us on different criteria to let us know how we are doing. These results are tracked and maintained.

Dedicated customer service personnel to address and follow-up with you when issues arise. In times when we’re not perfect, we will commit ourselves to the best possible recovery and keep you informed about our progress.